Discover the secrets behind the rapid rise of crypto and its implications for wealth generation. Join the conversation to navigate the challenges of securing and managing digital assets.

Crypto Clarified: A New Approach to Wealth and Asset Management Podcast

Look back at events in the past decade – why crypto emerged 

Major solutions around digital technologies in the last 2 decades have emerged. Semiconductors unlocked software, which made way for the smartphone/desktop economy, creating the app economy, and then emerged the digital economy. With digital realities, generational wealth was created with those early investors. Digital assets are a natural extension of the technology and finance industries. So where’s the next big lift? What bottlenecks are holding us back?

Implications of building wealth at unprecedented speeds 

With crypto someone can come into generational wealth in just 9 months. This unprecedented speed comes with serious implications. Dig deeper into what those implications are here.

These individuals are visionaries, with eyes on the world they envision they are still left with the world as it is today. Dealing with matters like security and taxes, among other necessities to protect those digital assets.

Learn more about navigating the implications of speedy wealth generation in crypto, as well as some less obvious needs.

Jurisdictions – Why Switzerland?

Switzerland is far ahead of the US in crypto regulations. There are ancient elements ingrained in Swiss culture, business, and banking that align with the values of crypto. Here are a couple ways core Swiss concepts speak to the ethos of crypto:

  1. True Swiss banks are custodian banks. 
  2. Collaborative approach to building crypto regulations
    1. 2 fully regulated digital asset banks
    2. Suite of service providers 
    3. Souq (platform for buying and selling goods using cryptocurrencies)

Learn more about the Swiss approach to crypto and the stark contrast between the US and Swiss crypto worlds.

The Crypto Horizon

In the final portion of the webinar you’ll learn about the less obvious areas of crypto to keep an eye on and what’s to come, from Bespoke experts Matt McClintock and Sune Sorensen.

Access the full webinar below.


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