Our Services

Strategic Legacy Planning

A meaningful legacy doesn’t happen by accident, and haphazard planning will just get you lost. We help you understand and balance your options, chart a course, and reach your intended destination. It starts with an intensive analysis of your current situation, deep exploration of your values and goals, examination of relevant strategies and alternatives, and culminates in a clear blueprint for implementation.1

Estate Plan Support

Your legacy doesn’t have an autopilot. We help ensure that the strategies you set into motion remain in motion. We work with your legal counsel through implementation of your blueprint, help make sense of the jargon, and we work to continually optimize your strategies to achieve your goals. We confirm that your assets are properly titled to ensure your estate plan does what you think it does, and refining your strategies along the way.

Privacy & Lifestyle Services

In a nonstop world of Google searches, social media trolling, and relentless curiosity seekers, affluent families often feel like they’re under a magnifying glass. We help take the unwanted spotlight off our clients, returning a sense of normalcy and privacy in an intense, intrusive world.

Family Office & Fiduciary Governance

The management and day-to-day operations of a family office or family trust company can be daunting. Our team provides and supports family office administration and operational support for private family trust companies and other family fiduciary arrangements.

Strategic Team Coordination

It’s essential your professional advisors communicate with each other constructively and creatively. Whether across town or around the globe, we ensure your key advisors keep you top of mind and focused on your wealth, your strategies, your life.

Global Residency & Citizenship Planning

Highly affluent families often want to solidify their international footprint. Our team helps facilitate expanded residency and citizenship options in highly desirable countries.

Philanthropic Planning & Support

Where do you begin when you want to use your wealth to make the world a better place? Navigating the universe of charitable options can be overwhelming. Our team helps you clarify your philanthropic mission and then execute on it with purpose and impact.

Multigenerational Impact

Children of highly affluent families sometimes miss out on important life lessons. Intentional family education goes a long way toward helping the rising generation understand the responsibility – as well as the joy – of managing significant wealth.

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