Wealth Management

Planning for a legacy that endures…

Generational wealth requires a generational perspective. We work with our clients’ legal counsel to carefully audit existing estate plans and design optimal strategies tailored to each family’s unique needs, values, and priorities.

Comprehensive estate planning is a balancing act. We seek to find your balance of tax savings, asset protection, privacy, flexibility, and access to capital.

The labyrinth of options can be overwhelming. Bespoke is your guide.

It’s easy to get lost in the maze of issues, options, and alternatives. How do you choose from the confusing, dizzying possibilities? Knowing the correct path depends on first defining where you want to be. We help sophisticated cryptoasset investors and entrepreneurs make sense of where they are, wisely define where they want to be, and create bespoke solutions to help them get there. Built on decades of direct experience in complex legacy and wealth management, Bespoke helps make sense of the options and navigates the path to your destination.

Protecting and building generational wealth starts with planning for ‘How to Own’ in order to manage risks and optimize outcomes. Only after solving for ‘How to Own’ should one begin to think about ‘What to Own’.

Multifaceted considerations for “How to own”:

  • Planning Structures – Elegant strategies designed for optimal outcomes
  • Choice of Jurisdiction – Establishing strategies in protective, tax efficient jurisdictions
  • Safe Custody – Minimizing counterparty risks, or forfeiture risk of the assets.

Safe Custody…Our Core Principle:

Assets should be directly title-held by the Client, or by a planning structure established by our Client. The Client owns the assets. Bespoke Clients should never be an unsecured creditor to a risk-taking financial corporation.

We source and implement the top global custody and private banking options globally for our Clients. And we never stop searching.

How to select a custodian?

1. Does their framework meet our Core Principle?  If you’re not paying a custody fee, you probably don’t own the asset. You are not likely to receive the core service you came for. Your “custodian” may be using your assets for their own financial leverage. Always read the fine print.

2. Jurisdiction Risk – Does the custodian operate in a reliable jurisdiction? Is the rule of law followed and consistently enforced? Is there a long tradition for strong private property & privacy rights and consistent pragmatic governance? Is it stable politically and secure from outside threats?

3. Regulatory Risk – Financial service providers live and die based on their ability to satisfy their regulators. Seek jurisdictions with pragmatic regulators and financial service providers that are a) regulated and b) able to operate within these rules while providing the services you need.

4. Business Model Risk – Your objectives are long term, so make sure your custodian is likely to be around long term. They should be flexible enough to accommodate changing needs but cannot be capricious, chasing unproven or risky fads. Service providers should FOCUS on the services you actually need, dedicated to delivering those services consistently at the highest possible level.

5. Cybersecurity Risk – Today, most wealth is digital. Criminals tend to target where the wealth is. Make sure your custodian is focused on this risk and has built a digital fortress. Too many financial service providers spend their budgets on marketing, fancy events, and big bonuses – while underinvesting in cybersecurity and failing to address regulatory risks. These two outside factors can lead to total loss of wealth for their Clients.