Our Clients have built generational wealth through creative thinking, hard work, long hours and smart risk taking. Now they face questions like:

  • How do I protect it and compound it consistently over time?
  • How do I structure it intelligently & tax efficiently, while enjoying what I’ve built?
  • How do I prepare future generations for the opportunity and responsibility wealth brings?

The Bespoke Team is focused on guiding you on every step of this evolving journey1.


Bespoke’s clients are truly extraordinary people.

We are growing our team to match the energy and innovative drive of these clients. We are always looking for talented individuals who share our commitment, our thirst for learning and excellence, and who are committed to serve innovators, entrepreneurs, and pioneers. We seek diversity of experience, perspective, and expertise in order to deliver truly bespoke solutions across the fields of wealth and asset management. If you feel you can add value to what we are building, let’s talk.

Our team

Matthew T. McClintock

- Executive Managing Director

Matt’s work focuses on strategic legacy design for ultra-affluent clients, balancing quantitative, numbers-driven objectives with more complex “people-driven” and values-driven priorities. As Executive Managing Director of the Bespoke team, Matt oversees the strategic development of Bespoke and its subsidiaries.

Jonathan A. Mintz

- Senior Managing Director

Jonathan focuses on helping clients achieve effective management and succession for complex and unusual assets, including cryptoassets, with an emphasis on building privacy and preserving wealth for future generations. As Senior Managing Director, Jonathan oversees client relations and key internal operations functions.

Lauren McClintock

- Director of Operations

Lauren manages operations for Bespoke and its subsidiaries, as well as supporting private client matters. She supports client communication within the team as well as collaboration with other allied professionals. Lauren handles project management and oversees strategic growth within the firm.

Within Bespoke Advisory, Lauren serves as the Chief Compliance Officer managing all aspects of compliance training, testing, and auditing within the company for regulatory reporting with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission.

Sune Hojgaard Sorensen

- Head of Asset Management

Sune is the Head of Asset Management with Bespoke Advisory. Sune focuses on designing and implementing seamless solutions across both wealth and asset management for our clients. It starts with understanding each client’s objectives and current situation. From there, he builds solutions that fit with the estate planning component, including identifying the optimal custody solutions. Upon this foundation he helps build tailored cross-asset strategies with a focus on protecting and compounding the wealth created for the long-term benefit of the client.

Elijah Blomquist

- Client Ambassador

Elijah serves as the primary contact between Bespoke clients and our internal team members for immediate client-advisor needs. In addition to administering the direct relationship with our clients, Elijah also facilitates the onboarding processes for incoming Bespoke clients and the administrative steps to follow.

  1. Clients may be clients of Bespoke Services, Bespoke Advisory LLC, or both. Clients may engage both Bespoke Services and Bespoke Advisory LLC , however, each engagement will be covered by separate agreements since each Bespoke entity provides services that are distinct from the other.